DIY Advent Calendar

Used to having my own advent calendar since I was little, I had to find a zero waste alternative for this year!

By picking ideas from here and there, I created my own calendar based on…toilet paper rolls!

Usually I put my empty rolls in the composter, but so I accumulated them little by little. As I started a little too late to accumulate 25 (you have to go with 2 to finish 25 rolls in 15 days!), I went to collect rolls from my friends… Classy!

Inside I originally wanted to slip small chocolates or “good for”, but given the tragic events of recent days I asked my darling to write me messages of peace and love for put them in. So it will be a surprise every morning when I open my cartons!

You’ll need:

– 25 empty rolls of toilet paper (let’s say 26 because there is always one that goes wrong!)

– cotton string (it’s recyclable and compostable)

– something to write on the cartons

– little treats, little words or “good for” to put inside

– optional: decoration

I should point out that the little stickers I put on it were not bought on purpose, you know that’s not my type of purchase! I’ve had them in my cupboard since last Christmas and this was the opportunity to finish them.

1st step 2nd step

Crush the rolls flat. Fold half over on one side.

3rd step 4th step

Then the other and move on to the other Slide inside the present.

end. Close with the string and decorate.

For decoration you can go minimalist with only the dates noted, or ask children to draw on it or even stick flowers picked up in the forest. The options are endless!

This time I didn’t go with the back of the spoon, I loaded the thing well! But after all it’s Christmas!!

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