What’s New Between My Legs?

What happens at this level after pregnancy, childbirth, lochia and a capricious return of childbirth?

It’s because my little feminine balance has been a bit disrupted in recent months. Well ok it was for a good cause I grant you, but I had to relearn how to function with my new body, its new menstrual habits and find new solutions.

This is what this article will be about, without filters, because there is nothing taboo about it. Periods have been around since the dawn of time, it’s not dirty and half of adult humans experience them. So that’s enough of this hypocrisy and secrecy around one of the most natural things that exists.

As a reminder of previous episodes, before my pregnancy, I had nothing really specific to mention at this level: very regular periods, over a period of 4 days including 1 day of heavy flow and PMS (pre-pregnancy syndrome). menstrual) very light (just want to eat sweets!). I only used my Diva Cup cup and everything went well. Too damaged, I threw it away (it cannot be recycled) at the start of my pregnancy.

Here I am 6 months postpartum with a revolution in my genitals!!

Totally anarchic periods (up to 15 days late at times), which last more than 10 days, flows of an abundance worthy of the Iguaçu Falls (more abundant than that of Niagara!), a hyper violent PMS lasting 3 days (gloomy ideas at the meeting), hair that greases at lightning speed…

And again, in my misfortune linked to my emergency cesarean, I did not have to subject my vagina to too much physical inconvenience such as episio, tearing or loosening of the walls. And I only had 3 sessions of perineum rehabilitation “for fun”, because according to my midwife I have a perineum with which I could crack nuts. I’m seriously thinking about adding this skill to my CV, you never know it might be useful one day…

So it could have been worse, I’m not too “damaged”.

I know that it takes time for everything to get back to normal, so I don’t worry and I take it all with humor! I definitely don’t want to stress my body. He has been incredibly strong and enduring this last year and all the trials I have experienced have reconciled me with him. I only want one thing today: to take care of him, to thank him for having created life and to make amends for all these years when I hated him, despised him, underestimated him, neglected and where I disrespected him.



As mentioned above, before my pregnancy I used the Diva Cup, but it was too damaged and I got rid of it at the start of my pregnancy. It was at this precise moment that Lunéale offered me to test their new innovative cups because they had no stems. Well no luck, they had to wait 10 months before I could test it!

And it was worth the wait! I am totally won over by the moon pad which replaces the rod to remove the cup. The first time it surprised me like “well wait, where is my cup, I don’t feel it anymore!” and then from the second removal I had found the thing to remove the cup without problems and without rods.

Tip: just push very lightly and it helps to push the cup down into the vagina.

The cup is high quality, ergonomic and very pleasant to “wear”. And it doesn’t “blacken” because of the blood, it’s still as transparent. I ordered size L, telling myself that post-vaginal delivery this would surely be the size I needed. I had forgotten that a cesarean section could be possible… So this size was not the right one, too big. So I switched to size M which fits me like a glove!

Well, I’m not going to repeat the speech about the cup and its health and ecological benefits. I detailed everything here if you need a refresher.


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A big novelty in France in terms of the choices available to women to manage their periods: menstrual panties from FEMPO .

Originally, two friends, Fanny and Claudette, without any knowledge of the sector, 240 euros in their pocket, a sewing machine and tutorials on YouTube, they embarked on the adventure to offer women an alternative revolutionizing the field of feminine hygiene: menstrual panties. Claudette and Fanny are convinced of one thing: the battle for dignity, respect and equality of the sexes is closely linked to the knowledge that women have of their own bodies.

And that I say YEEEEESSSS!

Basically it’s easy to use: you wear it during the day or night (up to 12 hours depending on your flow) and you put it in the laundry once used (wash at 30°). No need for an extra cup or sanitary napkins, the panties do the absorption job. And they are very thin, no more than 2mm thick, are very comfortable and invisible through the pants. No diaper feeling!

I didn’t feel soaked or even damp and I didn’t smell any unpleasant odors. It was really like a classic pair of panties actually. I took a size larger than my usual size to be comfortable and it’s great.

I have the classic version of the shorty but it wasn’t enough for my crazy postpartum flow! And like a miracle, it was precisely at the same time that FEMPO released the abundant flow version panties with absorption ++ . I use it at night during my heavy nights and after 8 hours of sleep, no leaks, nada.

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