Washable Diapers: Routine, Quantity, Price, Washing, Cleaning…

And it is now 4 1/2 months as I speak to you that our little Ysé came to turn our lives upside down and fill it with happiness, laughter and innocence.

So we’ve been using reusable diapers for several months and everything is going really well. Although the beginnings were quite complicated…

So what does it look like 549 washable diapers later (yes, 3 1/2 months of diapers gives that…you can better imagine what it would look like if it had to be thrown away…)?

PS: For your information, I wrote an article on reusable diapers before becoming a mother, where I explained their economic and ecological advantages.


We made the decision to only start using reusable diapers when we returned from the maternity ward because we told ourselves that we would surely have other things to manage at that time. And we had a hollow nose! Between the post-emergency cesarean convalescence, the postpartum depression, the beginnings of breastfeeding and all the fuss, we really didn’t feel like it!

Back home we had to wait 1 month before the cloth diapers worked. Her thighs were too thin and everything was running down her legs, even if she was tight…I think you can imagine the situation! So for 4 weeks we alternated disposable diapers from Love & Green and new attempts at washable diapers. And it was only after suddenly gaining weight and getting some good haunches that it was ok: no more leaks, no more overflows…and that’s now been the case for 3 1/2 months. So no stress if it doesn’t work for you straight away, it might take a little time!

Of course everything I tell you here is our experience and it is not a universal law. I know parents who were able to put washable diapers on their baby from the delivery room and others who had to wait until the baby was 2 months old. Every child is different! That’s why everything I’m going to talk about here is only our modest experience and is only here to guide you and not tell you what to do.


We tested 4 brands of diapers:

– Hammock

– Wua Wua

– Bambinex

– another not very well known brand whose name I don’t remember anymore with snaps

Well, I’ll make it short for you: Bambinex and the brand whose name I skipped, we dropped the matter straight away! After 1 hour Ysé was already soaked, despite protective overlays from Bambinex. And I can’t tell you when it was the big commission…

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Wua Wua is a very good brand of diapers, made in France, created by a dad and therefore the effective time for us was around 3 hours. Not bad !

Plus they’re pretty and the prints are amazing!

Only drawback: we had to wear bodysuits of the next size up because they were quite thick.

zero waste blog

The brand that won all the votes at home was Hamac !

Effective for 4 hours, easy to use, pretty, light, doesn’t bother him (this works well with bodysuits of his age), flexible which allows him to move easily, easy to wash, very resistant, very rare leaks, made in France… In short, we love it!

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