DIY Nourishing Body Cream

Here is a perfect body cream recipe! So natural, healthy and nourishing at the same time, it’s a marvel!

You can find this type of homemade body cream recipe quite easily on the internet but it was while testing one of them that I said to myself that it would be cool to change it a little and upgrade it. to make it modular and adaptable to everyone’s needs!

Of course, to stay in the zero waste spirit, it is preferable to buy the ingredients below in bulk, but I must say that in France I have not yet found any. You will therefore be able to find all the necessary ingredients in glass containers (reusable and recyclable for life) by dividing your purchases between organic stores, Mademoiselle Bio or Aroma Zone for example.

PLEASE NOTE: These are natural solutions and not magic potions! They do not replace medical treatment if you are followed by a doctor in the event of dermatological diseases. I would like to point out that pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children under 6 years of age are extremely advised not to use products containing essential oils. I also recommend for essential oils to test their effects on a small part of the body before applying globally to check if you do not have allergic reactions.


– 5 tbsp coconut oil

– 200g shea butter

– 3 tbsp sweet almond oil

– 5 drops of natural preservative (vitamin E or grapefruit seed extract)

These ingredients give a super nourishing and moisturizing body cream, but if you want to modulate it, here are the different possibilities that I suggest you add to this base.


Anti cellulite and water retention:

5 drops of Atlas cedar essential oil + 5 drops of Christe marine oil

Massage on the affected parts of the body

Vix Natural Vaporub:

5 drops of menthol eucalyptus oil

Application to the chest before sleeping to help breathe at night

Relieve mosquito bites:

5 drops of aspic lavender oil

Application to the affected areas

Pregnant women, skin elasticity, stretch mark prevention:

1 tbsp Argan oil + 1 tbsp rosehip oil

Application twice a day on “moving” areas 😉

Helps with healing and reduction of red stretch marks (those not yet healed):

5 drops of cistus oil + 5 drops of rosewood oil

Delicate application on the affected areas

Skin irritations and sunburn:

5 drops of blue cypress or geranium oil + 1 tbsp of aloe vera

Application to irritated areas

Make your tan last:

2 tbsp carrot oil

Application all over the body


In a bain-marie, melt the vegetable oils and shea butter in a bowl. Once everything has melted evenly, place the bowl in the fridge for 1h30.

After 1h30, collect the bowl and pass the mixer through the ingredients hardened by cooling. After a few minutes the mixture will resemble thick crème fraîche. It’s the perfect capacity!

At this time add the preservative, essential oils and aloe vera (the latter two if you wish to modulate the base), mix with a spoon and place the product in an airtight container in a dry place and at room temperature.

Thanks to the natural preservative you can keep this cream for several months.

No more crocodile skin and little inconveniences!

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