DIY Anti-Transpi & Anti-Odor DEO

When people ask me about my lifestyle, the question of deodorant often comes up. Yes because we must imagine that I leave my body fallow so as to no longer produce waste!

While I don’t reassure you at all, I’m still as flirtatious as ever, it’s just that I use alternatives thanks to homemade recipes 😉

For years I have used an Alum stone which for me is ultra effective against perspiration…but not always against odors. Well it’s still minimal eh!! But I wondered if it was possible to find an alternative that would absorb perspiration just as well but also cover any odors.

So here is my recipe for anti-sweat & anti-odor deodorant , my favorite among all the homemade products I have made!

Ingredients for a small 100 ml jar:

-30g coconut oil

-40g of baking soda

-30g of cornstarch (Maïzena) or Arrowroot starch

-5 to 10 drops of essential oils depending on the strength of the body odor (personally I used mint oil = freshness guaranteed!)

-2 drops of vitamin E (optional)

Coconut oil is antibacterial, will destroy bad odors and moisturize the skin. Baking soda neutralizes bad odors and absorbs perspiration. The starch will also absorb perspiration. Essential oils are there to soothe body odors that persist and vitamin E as a natural preservative.

In a small container put the coconut oil then put this container in a bowl filled with boiling water to melt the oil. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mix until completely homogeneous. Finally pour everything into the small pot and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.

For application, take material (about the size of a chickpea) with your finger or a spatula and spread it over the armpit. Then the same for the other armpit.

Cost approximately €1.50 for a duration of use of approximately 4 to 5 months . When I told you that you were going to save money!

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