The 5 Benefits This Lifestyle Brings Me

I PROTECT THE PLANET and that is still the main consequence of this way of life. I have considerably reduced my amount of waste and this reduces my environmental impact. I consume differently, always thinking first of all about conserving materials and natural resources.

In addition to making my contribution to protecting the environment and no longer having to take down trash cans (and that’s great!), I noticed other unexpected benefits.

I SAVE MONEY because buying in bulk allows me to find products, of equivalent quality, between 5 and 80% cheaper. We no longer pay for the packaging or the marketing around it and buying at the right dose allows you to save money. Buying raw foods is less expensive than ready-made or processed meals.

I buy less unnecessary items and I have stopped overconsuming, I only buy what I need. I favor second-hand purchases and recycling.

I make some of my products myself, like laundry detergent for example, and it costs me €0.50. Knowing that a bottle of ecological detergent costs on average €8, it goes quickly!

Taken together, each little action allowed me to save enough to finalize my budget to go on a world tour!

You can also find the list of the 8 things that save me the most money.

I MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER AND I SAVE TIME and it’s funny because people’s fear before embarking on zero waste is often: “damn but it’s going to take me a long time”.

Indeed, during the first months you will have to change your habits acquired over the years, do your little research and apply all of that to your new life. It’s going to take a bit of organization.

But once everything is in place, it’s great!

Before, I spent hours zig zagging through the supermarket aisles under the neon lights, letting myself be tempted by everything and anything. Today I know where to go and I know what to buy, I go to my retailers for the essentials. In less than 30 minutes I do all my shopping at 3 or even 4 different merchants. I even have time to chat with them!

Having fewer things and being a minimalist also means less tidying up, less cleaning, less time searching, less time choosing. And that saves time and makes life easier too.

I HAVE A HEALTHIER LIFE because buying without packaging and consuming raw and fresh foods of better quality (and not more expensive!) allows me to nourish myself better and know what I am putting into my body. I cook more and that doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours in the kitchen making elaborate things, I assure you! Often it’s ready in 15 to 30 minutes maximum. In the end I really learned to appreciate the act of cooking, as a meditative moment of well-being.

My hygiene and cleaning products are natural and healthy, because as I’m the one who makes a good part of them, I know what I’m putting in them and it’s free from toxic components or chemical odors.

As a result, I’m not as sick as before and for 3 years now I’ve only had a cold and a stomach bug. Before it was several times a year… I even found my sense of smell! Which, strangely enough, can be very disturbing when I’m chatting with someone who’s cooking or when I’m walking past a Sephora…!

I OPENED MYSELF TO THE WORLD by reconnecting with the traders in my neighborhood, I started meeting people again, talking to others naturally. Humans are truly placed at the center of this way of life.

My money is no longer used to overconsume useless material things but to go to the museum, go out, travel, to nourish my soul.

This lifestyle has allowed me to evolve both in my habits and in my mind.

And you, what were the benefits that you felt?

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