10 Products Full Of Endocrine Disruptors That Can Be Replaced By Healthy, Zero Waste Options

To start the year off right, there’s nothing like making a short list of simple things to replace with healthy, zero-waste options in order to make 2018 an eco-friendly year, without endocrine disruptors.

To return to the definition: endocrine disruptors (ED) are “chemical substances of natural or artificial origin foreign to the organism which can interfere with the functioning of the endocrine system and thus induce deleterious effects on this organism or on its descendants” .

Basically, these substances will create major hormonal problems in adults and pregnant women (decreased fertility, cancers, nervous system of the affected fetus, etc.) but also in children who are also highly exposed to them (early puberty, allergies. ..). What really fears is the cocktail effect and mixtures of these toxic substances.

(a very good article here will allow you to see more clearly the scientific aspect of the subject)

But let’s move on to the positive side: there are great zero waste solutions!

Not only are these options healthier and less toxic, but they are also more economical. We do good for our body, our wallet and the planet.


Certainly one of the products where we wouldn’t imagine finding endocrine disruptors. And yet water is contained in plastic bottles filled with BPA. In the end, when you think you are drinking “healthy” water because it is bottled, you end up drinking broth that is not very clean.

The ZD solution : drink tap water, if necessary with ceramic pearls from Les Verts Moutons or a stick of activated carbon to filter limescale and other small particles . Before drinking your tap water, however, I advise you to take a look here to check that it is safe for consumption.


I’m not going to teach you anything, but anything close to an ultra-industrially processed product is not a good sign for your health. Between the pesticides used during cultivation, plastic packaging or plastic boxes filled with BPA… Not great!

The ZD solution : buy raw food, in bulk if possible and cook. No need to make feasts, simple and healthy things are better than a ready-made dish with a fancy name that will spoil your health!


In addition to giving you gas from swallowing air while chewing, chewing gum is full of BHT and BHA. Yuck.

The ZD solution : a small container filled with anise seeds, purchased in bulk, to chew after a meal loaded with garlic!


Surely our worst daily enemies in terms of endocrine disruptors. We put it in our shower, on our windows, on our floors, in our fridges, on the toilet bowl, on our dishes, to clean the car… We are in permanent contact with these toxic substances without even realizing it. realize. All we remember is this beautiful, very chemical smell of “Landes fir tree after the rain” or “Provençal lavender on a June day”!!

The ZD solution : make your own DIY all-purpose cleaner here and use 3 natural and healthy ingredients that will clean your house: black soap, white vinegar and baking soda.


Same story as for the next point, especially since we are going to carry these substances with us all day in contact with our body and especially our private parts.

The ZD solution : do your own laundry here , fast, efficient, ecological and super economical.


What a weird idea when you think about it, putting a fake smell on yourself. I did it for years and today it seems crazy to me. We hide our natural scent and destroy our sense of smell and our sensitivity to pheromones, the hormones of love.

The ZD solution : either don’t use anything anymore, or opt for natural perfumes like a few drops of essential oil or a few sprays of floral water.


In direct contact with our female or male mammary glands, there is nothing better, especially in women, for developing breast cancer than using a deodorant full of aluminum, among other things.

The ZD solution : either make your own homemade deodorant here , or buy your super natural and organic deodorant from these brands to name a few: CoZie, Lamazuna, Pachamamaï, Clémence et Vivien, Schmidt’s…


In addition to being made from animal fat (1, 2, 3 I’m going to vomit), Labello brand lip balms are full of junk. Knowing that we put this on our mouth, we must not ignore the fact that we always swallow a little without paying attention.

The ZD solution : make your own homemade balm here , very simple and ultra effective.


It goes on our body, on our head, it goes through the pores of the skin to go inside… I’m not going to draw you a picture but it sucks when you use something of poor quality. And it also works for all products used for babies.

The ZD solution : good old Marseille soap (the real one with 72% olive oil) and good quality solid shampoo. Find my comparison of solid shampoos here .


Same as above, it goes on our body, in our mouth and we swallow some with each stroke. For the moment almost all standard commercial toothpastes have been tested positive for endocrine disruptors by UFC Que Choisir.

The ZD solution : make your own toothpaste here , use Marseille soap or go for brands such as Lamazuna, Pachamamai, Clémence and Vivien and perhaps soon CoZie 😉

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