My Experience With Solid Shampoos

I have been living a minimalist zero waste life for over 2 years now and one of the quick changes I implemented from the start was to move from using a liquid shampoo in a plastic bottle to using a ‘a solid shampoo. And I’ve tested quite a few since then, with its fair share of good and bad surprises…

So it’s high time to tell you about my experience.

I am speaking here from my personal experience as a girl with fine hair (but who has a lot of it!), mid-length, not damaged, shaded on the ends, who does not blow-dry, uses her styler very little, does not wear no conditioner or treatment mask…

In fact, I don’t do anything except wash them every 2 days and let them air dry! It is therefore possible that what I am going to advise you may not suit your hair 😉


In terms of composition, we know that Lush is not the best…

But at the start of my transition to zero waste, there were only them that I knew of that made solids, so I consumed Lush quite a bit.

This shampoo is one of my favorites from Lush, it leaves hair shiny thanks to the lemon it contains and doesn’t make it greasy too quickly.

Apart from a few solid shampoo bars from Lush which are my favorites, I found that overall my hair became oily again very quickly with these shampoos. This one is okay because it washes well, but my hair became oily again too quickly.


Its smell is exquisite, an escape with every wash! It’s one of my favorites however it’s very very rich, so perfect for treating dry, brittle, sun-exposed or frizzy hair.


One of my favorites too, it’s the one I repurchased most often. A smell of lavender with each wash and my hair came out super light each time. Definitely the one that suits me best!


I didn’t use it personally, it was my boyfriend’s. It is an excellent anti-dandruff, very effective. On the other hand, it has a very particular smell of cade oil (personally I like it) and it really perfumes the whole bathroom. Sensitive sense of smell refrain!


Supposedly a shampoo that leaves the hair light and gives a surfer’s mane (according to the saleswoman)… Well, I must not have surfer’s fiber because this shampoo left me with heavy hair, stuck to the scalp and fat after 30 seconds…


This is a great investment because it lasts a long time! For those using conditioner, this solid version is really cool and nourishes the ends well. I use it from time to time (after the swimming pool or exposure to the sun) and I must have had it for 2 years because it doesn’t take much.


So this is the biggest failure of my zero waste beauty tests: washing your hair with Marseille soap. I had read that a lot of people did this and I found this idea brilliant from a minimalist point of view (washing your whole body with 1 thing) and practicality when traveling. This was without counting my porous hair (I discovered it thanks to this experience) which had “absorbed” all the grease from the soap and I thus found myself with a sort of dreadlocks when I woke up the next day!! To all those for whom Marseille soap works on their hair: I envy you!!


This is the perfect shampoo for me. Seriously, it’s been a year since I only used him. I even asked my parents to bring me some back during my world tour when they came to join me! It’s the one that suits me best on all levels. Looks like my quest for the Grail is complete!


These are the ones that my boyfriend uses alternately for his sensitive scalp and he is super happy with them. I happen to use them from time to time and they really are great. Not as good as the Glamourous for me but still super good.


I love Lamazuna and when I was offered to test some of their products I was super delighted! I really liked this pine shampoo, my hair was light, clean and didn’t get greasy too quickly. Just a small downside and I think it’s my fault I waited too long before using it and it “dried out” a little so it was a little hard to use. As these are super natural products you shouldn’t wait too long before using them I think.


So this shampoo is like THE shampoo for gourmands like me! Like after washing your hair you want to eat it because it smells so good! And what’s more, it’s super effective and pleasant to apply. Or how washing your hair becomes as cool as eating chocolate 😉

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