DIY Dishwashing Tablets

When you start making zero waste and ecological recipes, you don’t stop and you always find new products to replace with homemade ones!

Here is a recipe for making your own dishwasher tablets. I found this recipe some time ago on the internet and after a few adjustments following my tests, here it is ready!


– 100g of fine salt

– 100g of baking soda

– 100g of citric acid

– 100g of soda crystals (no caustic soda!)

– 100ml of water

– an ice cube tray for cubes that fit into the tablet tank of your dishwasher

– optional: lavender, lemon or tea tree essential oil

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​​Mix the salt, bicarbonate and soda ash in a salad bowl. Then add the water and mix again. Add the citric acid. This will cause a chemical reaction and foam slightly.

Take the opportunity to very gently empty the mixture into the ice cube tray to avoid any overflow.

Leave to rest for 24 hours then unmold and put everything in an airtight container away from humidity.

If you don’t have an ice cube tray, you can skip adding water to the recipe and leave the product in powder version. 1 to 2 teaspoons per dish and it will clean just as well as the tablets.

To complete your washes and make your dishes shine, fill the rinse aid tank with white vinegar and with each wash, spray your dirty dishes with white vinegar also with the equivalent of 1/2 glass.

This recipe takes 10 minutes to make and thanks to it we do good for the water tables and our wallets. Top!

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