About Us

Captivated by the beauty of our planet, I have always oriented my daily life towards a more “green” style. I like to remember that there is not just one prescribed path and that we always find alternative solutions in line with our values ​​and desires.

​In 2014 , after years of consuming relentlessly, while thinking I was respectful of the environment and happy as a result, I understood that I was missing the point at Christmas by observing the mountain of useless gifts received and the packaging waste that this had generated.

I am therefore starting my research to find solutions to reduce my waste and my impact, simplify and facilitate my daily life, adopt slower habits and a happy minimalist ecofriendly life. I launched my blog in June 2015 and also subsequently became a speaker and workshop facilitator.

​In 2016 , I am going on an 8-month zero waste world tour to see how to adapt my lifestyle elsewhere, discover the ecological and sustainable initiatives of the countries I cross and show that we can travel with little, in a different way and respectful towards local populations. Results of these 8 months around the world: 2.4 kg of waste between two people!

​When I returned in 2017 , I embarked on a new project: the creation of a zero waste cosmetics brand! This is how CoZie was born , co-founded with Emeric and Arnaud.

​In June 2018 I released my first book: “The Zero Waste Coach Notebook for Dummies” from Editions First.

​My last big challenge: being a zero waste mom!

​One day I was told that you have to be the change you want to see in the world. This is why I share with you on this blog my thoughts, my tips, my discoveries, my experiences, my recipes as well as my travels.